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Anyone from the lincoln area?

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silverpenny Sat 14-May-16 11:45:11

Morning everyone,

I am potentially moving to Lincoln in the new few months for work reasons (assuming t&c etc are sorted okay) but I don't know the place at all really. I have visited over the Easter period and thought it looked nice, shops okay, Cathedral lovely etc. However I am wondering about best areas of the city to live in/buy?

I plan to rent for a few months before buying. Budget is upto £230k ish. Currently live in the South East.

I have read stuff on-line that "uphill" around the historic areas is one of the nicer areas and I thought that too BUT being in a hotel there on Easter weekend it was a lot nosier and busier than I had expected, plenty of pubs and that open until late and some idiots on Sunday night smashed a few shop windows on steep hill. I have no problem with people going out but prefer a quiet area - sick of noise where I live now! Obviously bank hol is a busy night but I guess the area is busy most nights.

I need to be in the City itself as I will have to use the station a few times a month to get to London. Any suggestions/inside knowledge on nice quiet areas but still close enough to town/transport?


gegs73 Sun 15-May-16 14:56:20

North Hykeham is about 3 miles south of Lincoln centre. It's actually a small town, but quiet if you live off the main roads and you will get more for your money than uphill. There are buses to the centre though I'm not sure how regular they are. There is also Hykeham train station.

dotty2 Mon 16-May-16 13:50:54

Lots of people from Lincoln drive into Newark (or Grantham) to pick up the London train - that stretch of the A46 is very quiet and quick, and trains are much quicker from there (if you drive). So don't discount areas and villages to the west of Lincoln - you get a lot for your money round here!

supadupapupascupa Sun 12-Jun-16 23:24:47

I'm in Washingborough which is 3 miles south east from the station I think. Regular buses if you didn't want to drive in. Very rural where I am, lovely old village. But 5 mins to the city centre. Best. Place. To. Live. In. The. World. :-D
Oh and I agree, better to drive to Newark (very easy) to catch a train to London.
Great standard of living around here.

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