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Light fitting advice needed - can I change from chandelier something simpler without loosing light?

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Lookproperly Thu 12-May-16 14:50:21

I have an open plan sitting / dining room. It used to be two rooms, previous owners knocked through, so the room is quite large.

The previous owners left the previous light fittings. There are two, one in each side of the room. They are a sort of black matt chandelier fitting, with three light-bulbs on each. They did have fabric shades over each bulb, but the previous owners took these so the bubs are bare.

The fittings are not to my taste at all. I would like to replace them, not sure what with as yet but I'm wondering if I will loose a lot of light unless I stick with the 3 bulb chandelier type set-up?

The house is quite bright and airy, 1930's build. I would prefer something more simple and modern- but as I said above I'm not sure a single bulb fitting would suffice?

I would be very grateful for thoughts on this please.

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