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Loft conversions again!

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2016Hopeful Thu 12-May-16 13:10:44

I have finally got round to getting people around to quote for a loft conversion. We are now thinking of going for a double room with ensuite.

3 bed detached 1930s house with roof that is 2.1 metres at the highest point.

First builder thinks roof needs to be raised, then side dormer and gable at back over garden.

Second builder thinks we can keep roof height with side dormer and gable at back.

Unsure now whether we need to put ourselves through extra cost of raising roof or not. I haven't actually got quotes back yet and am expecting a couple more to have a look.

Am a bit confused now. Anyone have a loft conversion with 2.1 metres as maximum height? Is it enough or would you recommend going higher? We need to retile roof anyway and both say they don't need to use temporary roof to make roof higher.

ladypie21 Thu 12-May-16 13:15:59

It seems low so I would ask an architect that specialises in lofts to take a proper look. The builders can probably recommend someone and it may only cost a couple of hundred pounds to get options drawn up. If you have to raise the roof you will need planning permission as its outside permitted development. In our area that would be an absolute nogo but it may be ok for you. The other option is to reduce the 1st floor ceiling if planning isn't an option.

2016Hopeful Thu 12-May-16 13:22:58

Thanks, I don't think planning would be too much of a problem as a lot of houses in our road our the 4 bed version of ours and have a higher roof anyway. I am thinking of the cost difference really but don't want to do it too low and regret it!

2016Hopeful Fri 13-May-16 09:59:54

Why are my quotes so far so high???

Quote one - 50K this includes bathroom fixtures, windows, side dormer and gable end and architect and legal stuff but doesn't include roof tiles or roof raising. If I want roof raised new roof tiles and soffits and facias it is an extra 18K!!!

Quote 2 - 36K for same as 50K quote above (but not architect or legal stuff). 46K with roof raise. Still to find out if this included new roof tiles or soffits and facias.

On top of this I will need new carpets, decoration and new boiler.

How come the quotes on here seem so much lower for the same thing??

HollyMaingate Fri 13-May-16 21:35:36

Where do you live?

namechangedtoday15 Sat 14-May-16 07:57:29

I don't think those quotes are high.

Our head height is 2.1m. Specialist loft company advised that we'd need to lower ceilings (we are semi detached so can't alter roof) to have a use able room (for adults). He said even with side and rear dormers it would only really work as a child's bedroom without the extra head height that lowering the ceilings would give us. I'd agree with getting more opinions and yes, perhaps a specialist architect in.

2016Hopeful Mon 16-May-16 10:19:47

Am in the south but not in London.

Quotes I think just seem high compared to other threads I have read on here.

Simonar70 Fri 10-Jun-16 13:19:03

Hopeful2016 I am in the same situation
I would like to convert our loft into a ensuite bedroom. Our max height is 2.10 mt, 2 loft specialists advised not to convert it
But I don tgive up

How is your project evolving?

Fridayschild5 Sat 11-Jun-16 10:12:55

Hopeful, our loft conversion with dormer is just over the 2m mark. As far as I remember, I thought it only needed to be 2m at top of stairs but that's the finished height so will need to be bit taller to accomodate the actual ceiling etc. We had no option of raising our roof as in a terraced house but we did replace the roof tiles etc on the original roof. It is going to be used as our master bedroom and DH who is 6ft tall has no problems with it. It passed building control also. Ours was around 40k for london but didn't include ensuite bathroom fittings nor all the new fire doors we had to buy for the rest of the habitable rooms in the house. We ended up buying them for all rooms in the end so remember to add in this cost unless you go for the smoke alarm in every room as the other option. The price I mentioned also didn't include all the architect, council fees etc and once you add in the cost of the bathroom etc, the cost of retiling roof (this was extra for us), it's getting nearer the 50k mark. So far cost of decorating has only involved paint and new carpet.

2016Hopeful Thu 07-Jul-16 12:30:47

Quotes so far from loft specialists are between 61-70K and include everything including VAT, roof raise, windows, bathroom, smoke alarms, new roof tiles, fees etc.

This is more than we want to pay so am getting quotes from more general builders now. One has quoted £53K for the above which is better and he includes a temporary roof and painting which the others don't. Also has great reviews on check a trade for people who have had lofts done by him.

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