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Dilemma - too many wardrobes? (pic)

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Gabois Wed 11-May-16 13:04:00

So this is a neighbour's floorplan I nicked off Rightmove - identical to mine but mirror image.

The master bedroom is the one with all the wardrobes. We are planning to replicate what they have done and get built-in wardrobes across the wall adjacent to the window (bed is on the opposite side). We already have the built in wardrobe opposite the window, which contains only shelving, dates back to the 50's and needs removing or replacing.

My (very minor) dilemma is whether to remove it completely so the bedroom feels more spacious, and maybe have a small dressing table in the space. This is the expensive option is it will mean plastering, flooring (we already have new wood flooring so might be tricky to get an even look) and ideally a new electric point. We would decorate.

Or do we get the joiner to refurbish it to match the new wardrobes he'll be building, and have additional storage for shoes etc. The thing I was worried was having too many wardrobes and it would have a warehouse there such a thing as too much storage?

So what would you do...

namechangedtoday15 Wed 11-May-16 13:08:23

Keep the wardrobes - for the money you'd have to pay out in new flooring / plastering, you can perhaps ask the joiner to be clever with the inside of the wardrobe, i.e. have a dressing table top etc if thats what you want, or an internal mirror, that kind of thing. I think bedrooms should be clutter free should follow my own advice so if it can all be hidden in wardrobes, storage, that would be my preferred option.

Gabois Wed 11-May-16 14:41:07

Thanks, yes we'd probably still have change leftover.

SwedishEdith Wed 11-May-16 16:25:07

What are the dimensions of the room?

Cressandra Wed 11-May-16 16:25:57

a dressing table works best near the window IME. With your back to the light and sitting effectively in a recess, the mirror will be in deep shadow. Possibly it could be solved with great lighting, but I have a similar setup here and it's resulted in a white elephant dressing table that I never sit at.

Gabois Wed 11-May-16 18:29:35

Good point Cressandra I hadn't thought about that.

Swedish it's 370 x 355 without wardrobes

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 12-May-16 08:22:50

Flipped image for you !

Gabois Thu 12-May-16 19:12:14

Very kind of you, thanks!

SwedishEdith Thu 12-May-16 19:28:10

I wouldn't bother with the dressing table. I'd get rid of the old cupboard completely.

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