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Diy security alarms?!

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Chloe94 Wed 11-May-16 10:08:54

Has anybody got a security alarm?? Not one that's wired in, the yale wireless budget type of thing? I really would love to get one for our new house but 1) do they act as a deterrent or as a 'TRY AND BREAK IN, I PROMISE IT'S WORTH YOUR WHILE' sign - because of the box on the outside (it's more for personal security than valubales) 2) do they work or do they go of all the time (we want the sensor that monitors movement type) 3) are they worth the money 4) what one would you recommend but not something super expensive, we've just had our house renovated and nearly every penny has been spent so dh would kill me if I spent a lotsmile thank you for any help

ChesterFuckingDraws Wed 11-May-16 10:25:41

We have this alarm system.

We have a new build and I refused to pay £800 for a wired alarm, a lot of our neighbours also refused so there are only a few houses with the alarm boxes.
My thoughts are if there's a house with a box or one without they'd try to get into the one without it first!

Ours has only gone off when I set the "zone" wrong and DH came out the bedroom activating the sensor in the morning and it went off so it definitely works!

The one we have is definitely worth the money-it has enough contact sensors and movement sensors for our medium sized house but you can buy and add more of required.
We have the full alarm set of we're out or just down stairs set at night it's been perfect.
My parents, sister and uncle all gave the same one.

gamerchick Wed 11-May-16 10:30:29

We have a basic wireless one. I think it was 120 odd quid at b&q. It has the movement sensors and you can buy additional ones. Quick to program and install. You do need to let the solar panel charge up once the outside box is up for 24 hours but after that it's sorted.

Chloe94 Wed 11-May-16 10:41:22

chester that's the exact one im looking at getting so I'm so glad you suggested it!! I like how you can add extra features when you want too as wellsmile gamerchick thank you I will check that one out too smile

gamerchick Wed 11-May-16 13:34:35

I like the one linked more mind, wish id seen that one first grin

PigletJohn Wed 11-May-16 14:45:31

I find that Yale model good value, I especially like the way it will phone out in the event of an alarm. Your chosen contacts can listen in or reset it with their phones and a PIN. There are other similar models without that ability.

It may be possible to put the siren near enough to an upstairs window for you to be able to change the batteries every couple of years without using a ladder. It should be out of reach of ne'erdowells and visible from the street as it will flash.

Preferably put the control panel well away from possible entry points so it won't be interfered with, but near a telephone point. In which case you can get a remote keypad accessory to set and unset it, hidden near the front door. Put it away from transmitters such as a Wifi Hub.

Watch the prices on IronmongeryDirect and Screwfix, they vary.

If you get one, set it up and try it out on the kitchen table, it is more tiresome to be climbing around if you need to alter or reset anything. Wrap the siren in cushions as it is very loud. You can add extra sensors or another siren if you have a larger home or outbuildings.

PigletJohn Wed 11-May-16 14:52:25

This is the keypad that works with the 6000 series alarm (the one in your link above is model HSA6400). There are other ranges that are different.

NewRags Wed 11-May-16 15:59:02

I bought a Samsung smart things alarm about 3 months ago - I originally had a yale wireless kit but I didn't like the fact that the sensors had to be screwed into the wall and that it had to have a phone line to notify you etc.

I love mine - you can add on sensors so if you cant afford lots of them right now just buy one every month or so.

Mine automatically knows I've come home as it senses my phone and turns the alarm off and turns it on when leaving so I don't actually have to do anything grin and the bonus being if you aren't there it notifies you straight away that something is going on via the app on your phone and a phone call or text.

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