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What's nice about moving into a newbuild estate?

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Wishfulmakeupping Wed 11-May-16 09:56:26

We've been looking for our next house since January- we're primarily moving for school catchment and also the villages we're looking at are much more family villages than where we are currently.
We both thought we'd buy another renovation project a period one this time but after losing our on a few and the market being very quiet where we are we've looked at other options- Dh has fallenin love with a newbuild off plan. It looks like it will be a lovely estate In the end. I think logically it will be a nice house to live in-great catchment, good sized house, they are offering upgrades to the Kitchen choices etc but I can't get excited in the same way as I have been looking at older properties.
I know this is a first world problem so apologies for that and I'm aware I sound unappreciative its just not what id pictured as our next move.
Can you tell me whats nice about moving into a newbuild and help me feel a bit more excited please?

Madblondedog Wed 11-May-16 10:08:37

Things I enjoyed about my new build estate

- everyone moved in at similar times so it was all quite friendly
- the house cost nothing in bills as it was SO well insulated
- 2 years of being able to get them to come out and fix things
- we were quite specific over what we wanted them to do in terms of changing things and they did them
- managed to haggle on the price
- if you get in sooner you can pick which plot you want
- everything is shiny and new


Wishfulmakeupping Wed 11-May-16 11:02:50

Yes it will be nice to pick things out I think it's just your choices are limited. I think it could be nice to live there in terms of setting as they are all big houses so would imagine there will be a lot of families moving in.

specialsubject Wed 11-May-16 11:08:11

my usual warning - check the flood situation.

estates are still being built on flood plains, some have flooded before completion.

also a new build generally loses value. Not a problem if you aren't planning to move on soon.

but you do get a shiny new house, hopefully built to decent standards.

Wellwellwell Wed 11-May-16 11:26:33

Yes to moving in at the same time and being more friendly. In particular if you have kids. My parents moved in to a new build family home and we all grew up playing in the local parks and fields together.

autumnboys Wed 11-May-16 11:33:56

Very low maintenance, easy to decorate. Sell well if you need/want to move. We found ours pretty friendly and plenty of people st the same life stage. I liked picking tiles and carpets. We found ours very cheap to heat and run. We lived there for just under six years.

Thing to check, sufficient parking for you and also neighbours, especially if any part of the development is flats. Public transport - we ended up with a bus route coming down the road as the road it was supposed to come down proved to be too twisty. It didn't bother me at all, but done of our neighbours were incensed (and to be fair, I now live st the end of a cut de sac!). When will the road be adopted. Triple check the catchment. We were assured our house would be in catchment for a very popular primary - it absolutely wasn't!

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