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Help - Why did my paint colour-matching go so wrong?

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lemonpickle Mon 09-May-16 17:11:57

I bought a house with the dining room painted in F&B Cornforth White (a grey-ish colour), but I had noticed some bits were just chipped off the wall. I searched the internet which said F&B paint does chip.

So when we repainted the room, I decided to get it colour-matched in 'Dulux Trade Diamond Matt' paint. The decorator arranged the paint and he took an F&B card to the shop (Dulux Decorator Centre) and I think he got them to scan the card.

Is this where we went wrong? The colour on the walls is completely different to the Cornforth White we had there before! Should we have painted some on a card and got that colour-matched instead? I understand colour-matching will never be exactly the same, but the new colour is really, really different.

Is there any other places that are better for colour matching? We have a Brewers near us, but I was really keen to get Dulux Diamond Matt to wipe off sticky hand marks from little ones!

Any advice much appreciated.

Fartyfanjo Mon 09-May-16 19:55:05

As someone who has used F&B again and again for the last 20yrs (and made a few mistakes along the way) I can categorically tell you to forget trying to scan & copy paint colours, it's a waste of time and money. You can scan 6 times and get 6 slightly different shades. None of which will match F&B. There is no comparison on the market for depth of pigment. For a perfect match you need to buy F&B Cornforth but choose 'modern emulsion' which is wipeable not the extra flat matt.

SwedishEdith Mon 09-May-16 21:08:43

Leyland or Johnstones paints (can't remember which name they go by now) colour-match all paints. Don't need an image - all pre-programmed into their mixing machines.

unlucky83 Mon 09-May-16 21:38:32

Hmmm I think even if you get F&B but a different type of paint (a less matt paint) to just touch up chips it won't match as it will reflect light differently...
I was going to say I haven't had much success colour matching paint - I had some done to match some plain wall paper - just to make some marks from a chair rubbing less obvious. I carefully removed a bit from the wall to match to. The colour I got was much much too dark - I think it must have picked up a speck of dust or something in the scan. It was a really nasty dirty looking colour. Instead of being less obvious my careful touching up made it stand out ...I tried to paint a larger area so the only bit of the two colours actually touching was a foot long strip above a door and it was still obvious - ended up painting the whole room...but not in that nasty colour!

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