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what type of tree are these two?

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MrsFlorrick Mon 09-May-16 13:11:59

I am trying to work out what type of tree these two are. If anyone can shed any light, I'd be grateful. smile

JT05 Mon 09-May-16 13:18:46

The second looks like a Rowan, also known as mountain Ash. The first on looks like an overgrown bush, such as Laurel.

MrsFlorrick Mon 09-May-16 13:21:33

JT05. grin. Thanks you're a star!!

MrsFlorrick Mon 09-May-16 13:23:01

Don't think the first one is a bush. That's a photo of the trunk and it's approx 12m high.

MrsFlorrick Mon 09-May-16 13:28:53

Had a Google. Apparently laurels can grow into huge trees. And it looks like a cherry laurel. Thanks again JT smile

JT05 Mon 09-May-16 15:43:23

Your welcome! We have a huge garden that was full of overgrown bushes! It was a steep learning curve!

Laura's can be cut back hard and will sprout again from the bottom. Rowens are rather lovely trees and don't grow too huge. Folklore implies that they keep away evil spirits and were often found at the gates of houses.

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