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can I buy in Ireland while living/working in the uk??

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havalina1 Mon 09-May-16 12:50:04

I'm utterly confusing myself over this.

I'm in FT employment in the uk and I'm Irish and moving back home feels inevitable. My work may transfer me back to Ireland so I'd have an Irish employment record again but logistically, that means going home, renting (and losing money) while the transfer is finalised and then moving again into purchased house. Bearing in mind d I've two little kids and would be doing this alone and while working.

My two year old Is in her 4th home through no fault or hers or mine and I'm just loathe of more big relocations that are complicated.

Can I get a mortgage here and buy in Ireland? Or do I apply to Irish banks first (but this seems weird as I'm Payrolled in the uk).

I've deposit ready and with a good income and will be buying on my own as a FTB.

Anyone any experience?

To make it more confusing I'm on maternity leave and at the extended, unpaid bit so I haven't got payslips, however a broker has told me this is not a problem as my employer would verify my return to work date and salary anyway.

I keep getting overwhelmed. Anyone help? Thanks!

concertplayer Mon 09-May-16 14:53:44

I s it Northern Ireland or Eire? Are you planning to go over there whilst on leave as
I would not buy without at least 2 viewings? Do you have family/friends who could
help? The mortgage: getting one is based on your ability to pay it off so you would
need to show how you will be able to do this

OrlandaFuriosa Mon 09-May-16 15:14:52

Banks here do lend for purchase overseas, it's prob easier for Ireland than it might be eg for Greece! Why not google?

ladypie21 Mon 09-May-16 15:39:58

I looked into this recently for a holiday home in Ireland (which never happened in the end!) , It appears to be relatively easy to either get a mortgage here or in Ireland so you can shop around for what suits you. Consider currency fluctuations and if you get a UK mortgage you will be paying back GBP and a Irish Mortgage in Euro so your repayments could vary every month depending on your currency of salary. This is probably not an issue if you will be renting it out in Euro while you remain in the UK? Also be aware that Irish mortgages are hard to get at the moment as many lenders are demanding 20% deposits.

havalina1 Mon 09-May-16 16:51:50

It's for Eire, for Dublin.

I have the 20% deposit if I go through an Irish bank. I presumed I needed to be in Ireland though, to use an Irish bank?

If I could do it from here, and get a uk mortgage then j could get cracking with it, and move when the house was sorted.

Think I need to get back on to the broker I spoke to before... Back hen I thought I'd buy here though.

The banks at home (in Ireland) were an absolute nightmare to work with ... I was sale agreed three years ago on a sale that eventually fell through... the thought of working with them remotely isn't appealing.

Yep of course, I'm back and forth and family would help with initial viewings etc... I know what I'm after, just organising it is so overwhelming.

havalina1 Mon 09-May-16 16:53:58


Thanks lots to think about there! Were you getting offered very different rates to buy with?

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