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Would you respond to a leaflet through your door?

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TwinkleCrinkle Mon 09-May-16 11:27:28

I have just finished putting 50 leaflets asking if anyone wants to sell their house to us.
There are no houses for sale in our budget at the moment (there was one but despite throwing everything we had at it we were outbid) and I suspect our buyers are going to start looking around again (although there isn't much on the market for them either).
So do you think you would reply to a flyer?

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, we are getting desperate!

SecretSeven Mon 09-May-16 12:23:18

If you don't ask the answer is always no.

Our business uses hand delivered leaflets. We consider it successful if we deliver 1000 leaflets to an area and get one lead. Not as successful as people would expect, but still.

What I'd say is make your leaflet look handmade. It will attract more attention if you do. And you don't want to look like a property developer with something that looks all slick and property developerish. You are a young family trying to make a start with a new home, people can identify with that.

Oh, and possibly get a burner phone. You don't want to give your phone number to loads of strangers. Any pay as you go SIM is fine.

MrsFlorrick Mon 09-May-16 13:14:52

Twinkle. I would, assuming I'd been thinking about selling.

Do make sure you include sufficient information about yourself so people don't think it's a ploy for getting into their houses and robbing them (too many years in London!).

And perhaps make it clear what sort of home you're looking for. In case any of the people you leaflet have friends nearby where you perhaps didn't leaflet but it's exactly what you're looking for. If that makes sense.

Melawen Mon 09-May-16 13:18:27

One of the houses I looked at today - the owners are moving due to then dropping leaflets through doors!!

TwinkleCrinkle Mon 09-May-16 13:47:08

Thanks Seven.
I have done a hand written note in blue ink then photocopied in color so hopefully some will at least get read.
We've got just over 200 to do and I'm not really expecting any response but as you say if you never ask... At least we will know we've given it our best!

TwinkleCrinkle Mon 09-May-16 13:54:20

MrsFlorrick: good point! I did wonder if anyone would be happy letting us look at their house because of safety reasons.

Thans Melawen, that gives me hope!

I saw our estate agent coming out a house across the road from us so I have a feeling we may lose our buyer to them. We should have no problem selling but you never know what price you will get the next time.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 09-May-16 14:15:55

Had a friend who leafleted the around 90 houses she was interested in in a particular village. 3 leads one of which turned into her new house. When I considered this with a business premise ( conversion from residential ) the agent I was using was quite positive about this approach.

storybrooke Mon 09-May-16 15:51:40

Assuming we had it mind to sell at some point I'd definitely consider it. I really hope you get one, good luck!

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