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VeraB Mon 09-May-16 11:19:17

We're having our bathroom done and stupidly I thought it would be a simple job to move the existing suite and plumbing. Turns out that apparently it's easier to fit and entire new suite?!?!? even though there's nothing wrong with the one we've got. How much do you think this is likely to cost? I have no idea and am now starting to worry it's gonna spiral outta control confused We've had a wall knocked down between a bathroom (with a toilet) and a separate bathroom with another toilet to make the room bigger, so it's now approx. 3 x 2.5m. We need the layout changing so plumbing need to be re sited, shelves, lighting and cladding to the walls and ceilings. We're in the Northeast so at least it's not London prices. Has anyone had this done recently? The only threads I can find are 2-3 years old...

MrsFlorrick Mon 09-May-16 13:20:24

Unfortunately the most expensive part about doing bathrooms is usually re-siting the services (unless your sanitary ware and fittings are very high end). And yes it will be much easier (and possibly same cost) to buy new sanitary ware.

When the old stuff is removed, there is a good chance that parts will break off. There is no guarantee that your plumber can successfully remove your existing bath without breaking it. Toilet should be a possible to move.

I can't help you with prices in the north east. Someone else will be along shortly hopefully.

Kevinthefruitbat Wed 11-May-16 08:43:47

Hi, our bathroom is the same size, costing us £2900 for bath, shower, shower quadrant, sink, toilet, flooring, tiles, new plasterboard, taps etc. A further £2000 labour. We're not doing any part of it ourself so could have been cheaper.

It's ongoing at the moment. Very exciting!

namechangedtoday15 Wed 11-May-16 09:09:06

We did a bathroom about the same size albeit quite a few years ago. As pp has said, the re-positioning of the plumbing is expensive. We paid about £3k to the plumber for the labour (toilet & radiator were in the same place but bath and sink moved, and we had to have new plumbing for a stand alone shower). That cost included the fitting of the new fittings which we obviously paid for separately. My H did all the tiling. Paid an electrician separately for lighting etc.

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