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skylights at less than 15 degree pitch?

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bowsaw Sat 07-May-16 21:36:44

are there any simple options for having roof windows on a 12 degree pitched roof? could do with getting more light into our house and after taking down all the internal walls in a badly designed extension by the previous owner the only barrier to a bright and sunny back of the house is to punch through the roof, all brands that came up on google seem to suggest a pitch greater than 15 or any thing less is a flat roof

Pradaqueen Sun 08-May-16 03:07:59

Sunpipe if you need light only bit not ventilation? I have used these in a couple of renovations. Successful and inexpensive. A giid r

Pradaqueen Sun 08-May-16 03:08:34

*good roofer will be able to fit.

icklekid Sun 08-May-16 05:26:17

Not sure if this is helpful but we have a flat roof extension being built and they have put large opening roof lantern (but flat) in...would this be an option?

Scone1nSixtySeconds Sun 08-May-16 06:36:10

We have a flat roof in our kitchen with special angled velux windows like these and they are great.

bowsaw Sun 08-May-16 22:13:25

the issue seems to be any thing under 15 degrees is seen as flat, to the eye its far from flat,
its very tempting to put a normal skylight in against the installation advise and keep an eye on it over the years for leaks,

ventilation would be nice, velux do a collar but at over £200 to make the skylight look even uglier than they all ready do compared to these fancy bespoke glass roofs you see on houzz

bowsaw Mon 09-May-16 21:02:32

the roof/ ceiling its self is just the insulation and plasterboard thick is it worth having say sunpipe on that, or is there a roof fixing like the dome on a pipe that will allow light in and get over the retched 3 degrees to small a pitch.

if the roof was made steeper by lowering the external wall slightly, would that be OK in the eyes of planning or would it require application as it wont be as allowed how ever long ago the thing was added. it is not such a big job doing that as its all ready needing some bits replaced as i would guess some one heavy footed it over it when they installed the now failing double glazing that old enough to have all the fittings outside, so some oik can easily remove the window

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