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Tiles for kitchen diner

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didireallysaythat Fri 06-May-16 22:18:21

Can anyone point me at a good online place for floor tiles ? We don't think we can have real wood in a kitchen, karndean and lookalikes remind me too much of laminate-vinyl that I can't justify the crazy cost so I'm back to tiles (so they can be mopped and have ufh).

The eBay store I last got tiles from doesn't have anything I fancy..

langlandgirl Sat 07-May-16 09:09:45

wowfudge Sat 07-May-16 11:10:47

Try walls and floors and tile mountain too. Sorry - haven't posted links, but you'll find them easily enough.

didireallysaythat Sat 07-May-16 13:08:45

Thank you ! I'm going to put 20 samples in my baskets, pay up and see. I like the idea of pale but I don't think it's practical plus the new space has a lot of light so can't do shiney. We had porclein times in the bathroom and the builder hated me for it. That was 6m^2 and this is 45m^2 so i think I should be kind this time !

Thank you

langlandgirl Sat 07-May-16 14:43:40

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