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Dodgy tap conundrum

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GingerAndTheBiscuits Fri 06-May-16 16:28:03

This may be one for PigletJohn!

We've had problems with the hot taps in the bathroom since Christmas - very poor flow out of sink tap and nothing out of bath tap. We decided to replace the ancient boiler that was in the kitchen and had hoped this may solve it but it hasn't done. So today we fiddled about taking the taps off and we now have excellent flow out of both of them but.... They just keep turning! Until the inside bit starts unscrewing all the way off the sink/bath! Any advice on what might be causing it, and if there's any reason why we can't continue to use them as long as they're not over-turned? We're hoping to rip the bathroom out before the end of the year so hoping not to have to replace if we can muddle through safely for now...

PigletJohn Fri 06-May-16 19:39:28

Sounds like the person put them together hadn't got a spanner.

Post some photos please to show what you mean.

I wonder if you have a hot-water cylinder. What colour? Is there a cold-water tank in the loft? What size?

Here is a drawing of a tap.

GingerAndTheBiscuits Fri 06-May-16 20:24:27

Brand new combi, installed this week!

Basically as we turn the hot tap it can be turned continuously until part 5 of that diagram starts unscrewing from the sink/bath. But when 5 is screwed into the bath or sink extremely tightly, the taps hardly turn at all and we either get no water or very limited flow.

GingerAndTheBiscuits Fri 06-May-16 20:25:11

If that isn't clear - when it turns continuously we get a proper flow of water!

GingerAndTheBiscuits Fri 06-May-16 20:27:10

The taps are certainly old and in need of replacement, but we just need a few more months grace to save for a new bathroom!

PigletJohn Fri 06-May-16 20:36:06

If part 5 is the genuine and original, and was not replaced by one that doesn't fit properly, take it out and screw the spindle up and down. There may be a left-hand thread. The bottom of part 5 may be octagonal and may fit into a socket before being gripped by the thread on the end of the spindle, you may be able to screw the spindle up and down a bit before fitting the bottom part to it.

it sounds like the bottom of part 5 is projecting too far down. Look for a groove near the top of the spindle. There may be a circlip or hairpin clip that should fit in it to prevent it going down. There is a chance that the washer is too thick or there is a plastic insert in the body of the tap.

It is preferable to wind PTFE tape tightly round the thread on part 5 before you screw it into the tap body, this holds it tighter and prevents leaks.

Have a look for "how to rewasher a tap" videos which may be easier to follow than my words.

PigletJohn Fri 06-May-16 20:40:15

or you could buy Tap Revivers

Bath are 3/4", basin are 1/2"

Includes headwork and knob or capstan, all the working parts.

GingerAndTheBiscuits Fri 06-May-16 20:49:12

Thanks PigletJohn - will have a proper read through with videos and pictures tomorrow when I've got it all taken apart and in front of me!

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