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Any ideas on how to work with an small pokey bedroom

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Luv2chat2U Fri 06-May-16 15:45:01

Hi everyone

I''Ve recently been to view a lovely property, but all the bedrooms are really really small. Almost like children size which I'm not use to... It fits a double bed and I'm not sure what else....I may have to sell my huge ikea wardrobes . 😕 Their is a small built in wardrobe and cupboard space in the hallway but that's it!

anyone had this issue and how did you work with it....?

If you haven't got this problem any ideas are welcome

wowfudge Fri 06-May-16 15:52:55

Under bed storage of some description, whether is storage boxes, divan drawers or an ottoman bed. Use shelving in the existing cupboards. Wall hung cupboards to keep the floor clear and give a sense of space.

HighHopes16 Fri 06-May-16 16:04:55

Is it a relatively new build? I've found the more modern houses have tiny bedrooms which is the reason we've ruled them out but it depends whats important to you and your family.

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