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Triple or Double glazed, please help me decide

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awaiting Wed 04-May-16 12:24:45

Hi there,

I'm building an extension and plan to glaze the entire rear wall of my living area with a vvv large lift and slide door. It is north facing so I think that triple glazing may be the prudent option in terms of heat loss, however according to my builder (who I do not trust hence this query!) it seems that triple glazing may not be the best option as

- Triple glazing is not necessarily better than double for heat loss prevention (?? Really ... my builders words)
- Triple glazing is better for noise reduction
- Triple is heavier so will make my very bigger slider difficult to open
-Triple leaves in less light. Light is a major requirement for me living in north facing gloom.

Can any one shed some light on this? Thanks!

Chloe94 Thu 05-May-16 11:23:27

Triple glazing wise I can't comment on, although have been considering it myself. I wouldn't worry about the light bit as my kitchen is north west facing and doesn't get a lot of light (some but not loads) and even if the whole wall was glass I don't think it would get any more light sad so the difference between triple and double in that regard probably won't make a lot of difference.

whatevva Thu 05-May-16 16:51:52

We have double in most of the house and triple in the bedrooms that back on to a busy road.

I am not sure that there is that much difference TBH. The main thing is that the windows are well sealed fit well and work well.
It does make the windows heavier and since the whole window opens, it may be that the hinges etc do not last as long, but we will have to see.

Scandinavian countries are supposed to use triple glazing - maybe worth researching them for how they construct windows?

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