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Is my garden Agricultural land?

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Sunnyshores Wed 04-May-16 09:48:40

Its a bit specialist so maybe noone can help.

Ive just brought a house that used to be a farm with 100s of acres, then in 1920s it became part of another farm and in 1950s it got its own title as a cottage with just one acre of land and its own access.

The council have looked at the PP from then and say because of certain boxes that were ticked or not ticked - at this point it stopped being agricultural.

However (I wont say what, as it will out me) I now have an annual bill and certain unwanted responsibilities as apparently the land is agricultural.

Gone back to my crap solicitors, who say nothing was on searches, in the disclosure from vendor - basically F off. As I say Council think it is residential, but who is the actual authority on whether it is or not? The Land Registry? I cant understand their site and my title deeds dont seem to say anything?

If it wasnt for this bill I wouldnt care either way.

wowfudge Wed 04-May-16 11:47:56

Who is the bill from? If the Council have said the land is no longer classed as agricultural, I'd fall back on that. Do you anything in writing from the Council?

Sunnyshores Wed 04-May-16 15:52:58

I cant say who the bill is from, its too identifying. But its from someone providing a compulsory service in my area (free to the 2 residential owners but not to the 4 agricultural land owners and me - I suspect because generally farms have loads more land).

Council have put their informal opinion in an email - as I discussed applying for change of use - and copied me the 1950s PP.

Thing is previous owner was a larger farming family, who then downsized in 1950s to this small holding - but they carried on paying this bill. So I dont suppose they or service provider ever realised the new house and redefined land plot had become residential .

But yes, first off I should just write to service provider and say Council advise me that my plot is reidential. What a bloody faff!

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