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Has anyone come up with a way to fix the deep Ribba frames to their wall?

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PuraVida Wed 04-May-16 09:04:13

I've googled, there's umpteen suggestions, most of which involve drilling holes or screwing additional brackets to the frames. I've got about 30 so would prefer an easier method of there is one

The best I've managed so far is to nail in two picture hook nails and sit the top of the frame on them, but they are a bit wonky and still fall off every time they're breathed on

IceMaiden73 Wed 04-May-16 09:25:09

I use picture hanging strips

PuraVida Wed 04-May-16 09:59:06

Thanks icemaiden nice googled a picture but it's not very clear. Do they have enough of s sticky out bit to hold the grave secure? Or are they sticky and you stick the frame on the wall?

PuraVida Wed 04-May-16 09:59:25

Frame not grave

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