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Can you really get that expensive bespoke look with a diy-kitchen?

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ilovetosleep Tue 03-May-16 13:46:15

I'd settled for a low end matt handleless kitchen because I knew I couldn't afford a bespoke in frame kitchen, which is what I'd really love. But I kept getting drawn back to them (pinterest...) I know is well thought of on here, and I've looked at the milton in frame option, but in the pics I can see on their website you can just tell its a high street option. It just doesn't look as good as the Plain english, tom howley, roundhouse etc. kitchens. For the hassle I almost I may as well stick with lay on handleless which at least has a strong look even if its not what we really want. (we are going for matt laquer, colour matched to Hague blue on the island and pavillion grey on the L shape, with pure white matt quartz work tops and carrera marble metro tiles on the splash back)

So do any of you have any diykitchens to rival bespoke? I'd love to see some pics!

namechangedtoday15 Tue 03-May-16 14:34:10

I think i'm in the same dilemma as you!! There was a lady on here previously who had used unitsonline for a Burbidge inframe kitchen and it looked absolutely beautiful (although I obviously don't know what she paid and what extras she had). I've priced it up and it is not massively different to DIY Kitchens and as far as I can tell, looks better quality. Can't vouch personally yet though as to what it looks like in real life.

origamiwarrior Tue 03-May-16 14:50:18

Take a look at Baystone (available from unitsonline). Made by Multiwood from solid ash, so you can intentionally see the grain through the painted finish (not sure if that makes it look more expensive or not!). It's available in a number of colours. Has a really solid, heavy, quality feel to it. Also don't forget that the skill and attention of the kitchen fitter, and the accessories (such as handles) makes all the difference.

ilovetosleep Tue 03-May-16 16:33:36

The baystone looks virtually identical to the Milton on DIY kitchens. The one I really like on unitsonline is Burbidge Langton (thanks namechanged!) I just spent a good hour inputting all our units and the quote is double that of DIY kitchens and more than the quote we have locally, so thats a no go, sadly.

Goingtobefree Tue 03-May-16 18:37:32

I am in a similar position to you. Would love to have a plain English , Martin Moore type kitchen look but don't have the budget.
I am not having any upper wall cabinets to get a pareddown look but other than that I have no clue...
Hope some one will comealong and tell us the secret

JT05 Tue 03-May-16 19:23:38

In our last house we fitted the kitchen, but had professionals do the tiling, floor and wall. Also professionally fitted work top. This made all the difference.

Honeyandfizz Tue 03-May-16 19:50:35

What is your budget op? We were planning an extension (now on hold) but was hoping to use The Shaker Kitchen Co we went to their showroom and it was just the look I wanted. I love DeVol but it's too expensive. There's also handmade kitchens direct. Another choice is ikea carcasses and using [[ Shaker Doors who do bespoke painted doors specifically to fit ikea units but I guess it isn't inframe but a close look.

Honeyandfizz Tue 03-May-16 19:51:21

Link fail Shaker doors hope that works wink

Titsywoo Tue 03-May-16 19:52:16

Yep if you get it fitted well. We have one and it looks really good. The inframe ones will look very expensive with the right worktop and handles. Quality is very good.

Honeyandfizz Tue 03-May-16 19:52:29

Shaker kitchen co bloody fat fingers!!

Titsywoo Tue 03-May-16 19:53:11

Ours is very basic from diy but still looks great.

lavendersun Tue 03-May-16 19:58:21

We did, by having a good carpenter (who was a perfectionist) fit it and opting for in frame doors/drawers.

It was from Benchmark. We used solid oak floorboards for the plinths (is that what that bit next to the floor is called?) and our carpenter made oak ends from the same floorboards.

Added a handmade butchers block and some shelves in an old fireplace made from the old wooden worktops and it really did look fab - for the price of one run of custom made units.

ilovetosleep Tue 03-May-16 20:02:55

Ok so budget... Entire kitchen including plastering, flooring (30 ish sqm), a new window, all appliances (buying online), splashback metro tiles, quartz worktops (getting from independent stone co), all kitchen cabinets and doors. Budget is £20k. We have an Lshaped kitchen with an island. Approx 18-20 units.

Atm we are exactly on budget. Can't add a thing to it. BUT with DIY kitchens we can save £2-3K. There is no way we can afford an in-frame kitchen any other way. We could save even more if we go handleless. For our current design from local company (the handleless one, though nicer than the DIY one, its one of those one with brushed steel hand rails and painted wood grain doors. Sadly they're foil though) we have been quoted between 6-7K for the units and carcasses. My decision now is whether to go with an handleless option which will look as good as I think a modern kitchen can look, or an in frame that will never look as good as the bespoke neptune/tom howley stuff.

I have looked at and love Handmade kitchens direct but they don't seem to be able to get it in for much less than 7-8K, and with the added stress of delivery (forgot to mention I'm not UK - although close enough to make delivery happen one way or another)

I think the same goes for the shaker kitchen co. Too much £££ but exactly what I'd want - a minimal in frame shaker with dramatic colour. I really want dark dark blue and light grey units with pure white quartz.

And DH keeps saying lets get on with it - but its such an epic task with so much (20k!!) resting on my decisions!

BoboChic Tue 03-May-16 20:07:05

I don't understand the obsession with in-frame kitchen units. They are more expensive but look really messy.

Lighteningirll Tue 03-May-16 20:12:28

Titsywoo that's gorgeous mine was an expensive car as but we fitted and project managed ourselves, source everything separately we saved bomber £2,000 on the worktop alone by sourcing and getting it fitted independently

Lighteningirll Tue 03-May-16 20:12:45


TheWildRumpyPumpus Tue 03-May-16 20:13:06

Here's our Benchmarx kitchen, just fitted. We had a brilliant fitter which makes all the difference.

lavendersun Tue 03-May-16 20:24:10

That is a very lovely kitchen TheWild!!

I do think that the person installing it makes a massive difference. Especially as our walls were 300 years old and completely wonky in every direction.

ilovetosleep Tue 03-May-16 21:48:52

Some lovely kitchens here!

I have spent all night looking at kitchens and I've figured out what it is that makse the £££ ones look so much better. Its all in the little details - exposed hinges and the decent plinths. And I think also the frame is chunkier on the more bespoke ones. Ah well. I will have to make peace with the fact we can't afford it.

pb00 Mon 17-Apr-17 20:40:48

Has anyone tried Pineland? I don't like DIY because they don't use butt hinges, which I think is an integral part of the in-frame look.

HMK have priced my kitchen at £10000 in the SALE. So that is pretty expensive. I'd like the cabinets to cost no more than 7K.

Miniwookie Mon 17-Apr-17 22:18:57

I think you've made the right choice by not going for the cheaper in-frame ones. There are fewer details on handle less kitchens to giveaway the fact they're cheaper units.

banana8316 Sun 25-Mar-18 21:38:16

what didn't everyone go with in he end? i'm looking at in-frame kitchens from DIY kitchens vs Handmade kitchens direct . the lack of butt hinges and nicer plinths is putting me off. Tom howley are coming to quote but i'm expecting it to be double my budget (at least i can get some ideas though!) . It is a tough choice , any experience or advice would be appreciated smile

JoJoSM2 Sun 25-Mar-18 22:53:51

Banana, I've got a diy kitchen in a f&b colour with some bespoke elements. It's lovely but I'd expect a solid wood hand painted kitchen from Handmade to be nicer (and work out double the price by the time me you factor in professional painting etc). Tom Howley do lovely kitchens that are in a completely different league to the first two and I did drool over them for a while but I don't even like cooking and barely use the kitchen. So depends on what your budget is and what's important to you really.

banana8316 Sun 25-Mar-18 23:07:29

Thanks Jojo that is you mind my asking, what bespoke elements did you incorporate into your diy kitchen, and how has it held up generally over the years (have you been satisfied with the quality etc?)

I was thinking of asking our kitchen fitter whether he can integrate more ornate plinths from somewhere else to the kitchen island , not sure if that is possible! looking at Helmsley at the moment x

JoJoSM2 Sun 25-Mar-18 23:53:40

We got a mantle made to our dimensions and they also helped with the fridge surround to make it look just the right size. I wanted an in frame design but some options weren't available- e.g. Casing for a built in microwave (from memory). I think incorporating ornate elements shouldn't be a problem but you'd need to colour match carefully. Also, diy kitchens are spray and not hand painted so that needs to be matched for an even finish.

Our kitchen was put in last year and it's a very solid. E.g. the hinges and drawer mechanisms they use are top quality German ones and the doors and carcasses are thick. I expect it'll last us for many years.

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