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How reliable is home swapper, anyone had a successful swapped?

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Luv2chat2U Tue 03-May-16 11:09:48

Hi there

Please help, i'm in a real dilemma. I posted something similar on here a little while ago, but still can't make up my mind.

I currently live in desirable sought after area and postcode with a string of cafes bars and quirky boutiques.

I also live in a lovely huge Georgian property with lots of character but lots of NOISE!!!! the sound proofing is beyond bearable, intrusive and driving me insane.

I've tried every angle to resolve this situation but I'm out of ideas. The fault is the building structure, which is made out of cardboard and newspaper, allowing you to hear every creak, stomp and bang!

After several complaints regarding this issue I have finally being awarded a transfer from the local authority.

I've seen a lovely property (maisonette)with own entrance, drive and garden which I currently don't have as everything is shared. However, the area is quite a downgrade and don't mean that in a snooty way, just concerned as i have children to think about.

I don't have to accept it, however their could be a long wait before the next property comes up

Should I take this opportunity and transfer through the local authority or should I opt to move through homeswapper??? HOW reliable is homeswapper???

ALSO if I did go through the home swapper route

What do you think is more likely to increase my chance of a successful swap?.

(A) a lovely converted Georgian very noisy flat in a sought after area, which has shared entrance and communal garden


(B )a maisonette with own entrance, own drive and own garden in a downgraded area, not terrible but not sought after.

Sorry for the rather long essay, but i would really appreciate all comments.

basically the long and short is: do I take the transfer or access the homeswapper route.

Readabook1 Wed 04-May-16 10:51:37

The general rule is that you can do things to improve your property but there is much less you can do about the neighbourhood as it is not fully under your control
So general advice is to go for the area first. Is there nothing your landlord can do to improve soundproofing?
Much depends on your plans for the future. Will you/do you need to benear good schools for example? How do you see yourself in say 10 years time? Are you planning to exercise the Right to Buy ?As we get older we usually want somewhere quiet? In the end it is our daily lives that count.
i have looked only looked at homeswapper. It says you still need landlord "approval"
you are going to have to explain on there why you want a swop .The use of words such as a lively area rather than noisy may help. People on there will either be down or upsizing , want to be nearer amenities or possibly family or a move to a new area or want something better. i do not want to go into any more detail here on a public forum so Private message to discuss further

Luv2chat2U Thu 05-May-16 03:32:27

Thank you so much readabook1 for all your advice, I'll be in touch!

In answer to you questions

i would like to access the right to buy

And no my landlord won't do anything about the soundproofing issues. I'd pay but my ceilings are too low....

:-( very disappointing

Luv2chat2U Thu 05-May-16 11:00:34


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