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Moving to Cheadle Hulme area

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ah304 Mon 02-May-16 18:49:17

Hi there,

We are looking to move to Cheadle Hulme/Bramhall/Poynton area in the next months or so. We are moving back from NY (my husband is from Bolton, I'm from Birmingham) with 2 boys who will be going into year 2 & 3 in the fall. Schools are our biggest priority and spots seem few and far between. Plus we're trying to balance it with an easy commute into Manchester. I wondered if you can share your opinion on any of the following schools? I know some are probably a bit further out. Thanks in adance

Adlington Primary School
Etchells Primary School
Brookside Primary School
Lostock Hall Primary School
Nevill Road Infant School
Nevill Road Junior School
High Lane Primary School
Vernon Primary School

wowfudge Tue 03-May-16 12:05:03

I can't advise on the schools listed, but what do you class as an easy commute? Traffic is pretty awful in all those areas - I would look at trains rather than driving. Poynton is particularly bad due to the work on the airport link, though this should improve once the new road is open in a couple of years.

Also consider Davenport, Woodsmoor and Disley.

We recently moved further out, from Davenport to the New Mills area. Good transport links with two rail lines, but daily commuting to Manchester isn't something either of us does.

whoareyoulittleI Tue 03-May-16 12:13:17

If you're going to be in cheadle hulme itself, there's a good train service and Lane End Primary is lovely (but oversubscribed as far as I know). The secondary school is really good too now, or there's the private school which always seems popular. Bramhall is lovely but a bit more expensive, I don't know about primary but the secondary school doesn't seem to get that good a press these days. Poynton is again lovely but I think would be a slightly more irritating commute.

Depending on budget, parts of wilmslow and handforth could be good too?

Sorry not to answer your question specifically - no primary aged DC now. I'm born and bred in these parts so if there's anything else you want to know give me a shout smile

Tubbyinthehottub Thu 05-May-16 20:52:00

I don't know about Poynton but those schools in Cheadle Hulme/Bramhall aren't the ones people seem to want. Popular ones are Lane End or Hursthead for Cheadle Hulme and Pownall for Bramhall.
As previous poster said, Cheadle Hulme secondary is currently raved about whereas Bramhall is not. Things could change in a few years though.....

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