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Under floor heating for a new home that I'm purchasing

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CastleHill Sun 01-May-16 13:49:36

purchasing a new build for a builder. Considering Under floor heating.

Ground floor
already been screeded and hence cannot install pipes inside the screed
Finished height = 2385 mm
Wooden joists
Finished height = 2283 mm

What option would you suggest
A) Use water based over lay systems (Polypipe, NuHeat). This means my floor height could increase (min 18mm), which means I might have to refit the doors
B) Electric mats. Not sure how effective it will be especially with a huge area. Also understand the running costs are too high
C) Remove the screed and put the pipes below and screed again. This feels like a daunting was for me especially given that the house is a brand new one.

Any thoughts experts?

knaffedoff Sun 01-May-16 13:56:16

My home insurance excludes escaping water from under floor systems and after considering the mats recently, I was told they only work to remove a chill from a laminate floor and not effective under tiles at all. Feel free to correct me though !

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