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Reconfiguring our house

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mamalloyd Sun 01-May-16 08:33:12


Silly question but I'm wondering who I need to ask about helping us reconfigure the ground floor of our house? Would an architect be the best person to do this so we can make the most of our space?

The problem is we live in a town house that we love - good area, not overlooked so hesitant to move but we need more living space.

Currently we have a ground floor that is dead space (garage & spare room both filled with junk!) as well as a shower room. Would love the shower room to stay, but wondering if there's scope to make the downstairs an open plan 'day/kids/lounge' room opening out into the garden. (Our kitchen is on the middle floor with lounge /dining room and then bedrooms/bathroom up top).

Any idea who I need to get in touch with to get some ideas floating around? Is it an architect or could a builder help?! So useless when it comes to things like this! smile

Mama X

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