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waz1989 Sat 30-Apr-16 11:54:49

hi guys i will get right to the point, i just need a little info from people about a couple of areas in hartlepool, so if you live in hartlepool, or know the town, your comments are very much apprchiated.

and the reason ive choose hartlepool is it is very cheap.

okay so, im moving out soon, and i have 2 properties available to rent. one is
Titan House Hartlepool TS26 9HL
and the other is
St Abbs Walk Hartlepool TS24 7NW

now obviously, im under no false illusions that hartlepool itself is the best place to live or move to, but i also know its not the worst. i know it will have good and pad parts. but what i want to know is, which of these two areas would be better for myself to live in. i.e (crime rates) (close to shops, transports links etc..) any information on this would be brilliant!

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