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Buying a house which has been extended without planning permission -wwyd?

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Churchillian Fri 29-Apr-16 23:39:19

We've had an offer accepted on a house and thought that we were close to exchanging but after receiving the full paperwork from the solicitors last week, we've uncovered a major issue and are not sure how to proceed. The vendor is putting a lot

The kitchen was extended at some time in the past (c 40 years ago) and not by the current seller. It's a small extension that basically adds some space to the kitchen and incorporates what I presume was an existing outside loo and coal store. So the back wall of the kitchen has been knocked through. The flat roof of this extension is clearly rotten - it has mould growing on the inside of the roof/walls in the outside loo/coal store area and the ceiling is bowed. It looks OK inside the extended part of the kitchen. The current seller has also built a garage. Neither of these changes had planning permission or was signed off by building control.

We knew about the flat roof leaking and had planned to make some changes to this extension anyway to update the kitchen and improve the the layout but from having a quick google it seems that we would have no option but to demolish and start again?

We have told our solicitor about this and she has asked the vendors solicitor to take out an indemnity policy, but I'm not sure what that would cover? Has anyone had to to do this? How long did it take?

We have had a mortgage agreed and no issues with the mortgage valuation . The sale price is significantly lower than most houses in the same area -by at least £40k (which is why we can afford it).

I've thought about getting a full survey done to uncover the extent of the problems with the extension but am worried that we would just be wasting money if it falls through and given that the house is so much cheaper anyway I'm not sure the vendor will knock any more off the price. We have around £30k for renovations, but I think replacing the extension entirely will cost more than that. I don't think we will be able to sell without fixing the issues.

We have at the moment agreed to a really hefty deposit with our lender - 40% - so I guess that we could go back and try and reduce the amount of deposit to give us more money for renovating? Is that possible?

Wwyd - go ahead and try and re-jig things so we can cover all of the costs? Try and get the vendor to reduce the price? Or walk away? I'm not 100% sure about the house but I might love it once we've renovated it?

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