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Anyone know these (F&B ?) colours from X as fair country living 2015 (picture included)

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motherofluvlies Fri 29-Apr-16 23:03:31

Hi these were the 2015 country living Christmas fair colours..I would live to paint my room and fireplace these colours but can't find what they are ..

pinkerpeony Sat 30-Apr-16 06:51:31

It's tricky to tell with artificial light and filters.
I'd guess the fireplace is Pavilion Grey.

I bet if you emailed F&B customer services they'd try and help.

ShinyShinyShiny Sat 30-Apr-16 07:00:16

Possible Mizzle on the fireplace?

motherofluvlies Sat 30-Apr-16 21:13:21

Tx u I might try an email ,just not sure they are F&B

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