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adding light into a playhouse

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sacbina Fri 29-Apr-16 14:11:41

Just bought the Honeypot Snowdrop wooden playhouse but worried that it might be a bit dark inside. We haven't put our up yet so probably worrying about nothing but.....
The two front windows face north and the one side will face west
It is the best playhouse for the space we have so compromises had to be made

I had random thoughts about replacing one of the roof panels with some clear twinwall polycarbonate sheeting and using a sealant

any other magical ideas? ?

InternationalHouseofToast Fri 29-Apr-16 14:16:37

if it's watertight how about using a small battery light, where you push the centre of the light to switch it on? This sort of thing - cheap and easy to replace if the rain does get in.

sacbina Fri 29-Apr-16 15:28:35

Well that makes a million times more sense! Thank you from my silly brain ☺

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