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How to make a porch look attractive?

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Crapmummy2016 Fri 29-Apr-16 10:02:26

Or as nice as possible at least?

We live in a 30's end terrace. Most houses have put porches on the front next to the box bay window. We have an old wooden crumbling one. The plan was to rip it down as the houses look much grander without. They have storm porches with nice pillars and just generally look so much better.
However, we also have the original 30,s front door and stain glass windows which are really draughty. So it's becoming apparent that we probably do need to keep a porch. I'm wondering if there's anyway of making it look nicer? Would sliding doors be better than opening? Or should I get two doors that open?

runningLou Fri 29-Apr-16 13:11:22

If you want to strip it back to the storm porch you could consider getting the original door re-hung with a new lintel/frame to minimise draughts? Also a thick curtain on a rail behind the door and windows on the inside to pull closed when cold? (Although this does make the hallway darker).

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