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Few Red Flags regarding vendor!

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Loubelia Wed 27-Apr-16 09:51:01

We are in a chain and are soon to exchange contracts, however because of a delay in this I am feeling a bit of concern regarding vendors.:

Firstly, said they would move out into daughters thus end the chain, now not happening , 2 more in chain their side!

Secondly they have been uneconomical with reason for selling - "to be closer to daughter " however are buying 1 mile down the road! I wonder if he has more information regarding a commercial business that has been set up nearby that has no planning but has applied for retrospective planning and will probably be granted it. - That is another issue - it is for a luxury car service centre - he also happened to mention at some point in a conversation that his son worked for that same luxury brand in the Middle East!

Thirdly, very difficult to get information of communal facilities (tennis court) between the 8 properties (costs etc) even though he admitted to chairing the residents committee until a year or 2 ago . He originally quoted one figure which has now gone up and denies having any paperwork himself and seems to find it impossible to get hold of any!

Fourthly, although living there for 16 years and being an architect seems extremely unknowledgable about some aspects of the property such as possibly of knocking down a wall or how the joists run in the loft, also where the water pipes run in the L shaped property.

These are all red flags for me having had more time to think about it - any thoughts???
PS we don't have to sell at this time! Plus our purchasers (chain free) are now trying to chisel more money off!!!

specialsubject Wed 27-Apr-16 09:57:47

No one ever actually goes into rental or moves in with the kids, except me. The other concerns are for you and your solicitor yo research, stop asking the vendor .

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