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B94-1 - who knows time frames?

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ShoopShoopShoopShoop Mon 25-Apr-16 15:54:15

NC'ed for this.

buying a house, all was just about to go through, when STBXH issues a B94-1 notice on the house we're trying to buy. angry

House is in wife's name, not his. He is unable to live there whilst she is living there due to a restraining order. (She bought it about 5 years before meeting him, he has contributed to about 1 years worth of mortgage payments)

We signed on the dotted line (she hadn't yet) and then a few days later she phones us to let us know about this situation and the notice.

He says he wont remove the notice until the house goes back on the market with a£25-30k price increase, as he thinks it's being 'under sold'. (It isn't!) Other similar properties have been sold for about 10k under the price we offered at the time (Jan)

He has been told by the selling EA, that he needs to find three other local, independent EAs to revalue it at his figure.

So, the wife is taking it to court (after application for Legal Aid). I understand that the judge can sign the rights away on his behalf?

Does anyone know rough time frames for this procedure?

It's so fucking annoying! We have three months to move out of our home (end of July) and have NO CLUE as to how long this process will take. grrrr

We're hoping that the court date will be soon and everything will just be told to hurry along.

But if the court date isn't for months yet, we have to think about where the actual fuck we're going to live come August and if we should look at other houses and pull out of this one.

We haven't got any more money to pay any extra for this house (even if we did have, we wouldn't pay more - as it's on the expensive side already for the property)

If it wasn't for this B94-1 notice, we would have exchanged probably this week!


<and breathe>

OnePlanOnHouzz Mon 25-Apr-16 20:12:56

That's sooooo frustrating for you ! angry

ShoopShoopShoopShoop Sat 07-May-16 11:24:55

i'm so cross.

the woman;s solicitor still hasn't completed the legal aid application, have to wait another week at least.


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