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Pp to build wall on ex la property?

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Chloe94 Mon 25-Apr-16 10:30:36

My dh went and signed the contracts this morning for our new property whilst there the solicitor told him that the when the council sold the property in 2002 they said no wall could be built higher than 3ft 6... there currently is a 1-2ft wall there but we would like a much higher (6ft+) wall built as its a corner plot with driveway I have concerns about my two year old running into the road especially as we have another baby due in August. Also to make it look smarter and to also give us privacy/security. Our house is a semi and the next door house aswel 3/4 other property's down that road on our side have but the exact wall I'd like, so I'm assuming it must be possible? What I'm asking is if it is possible how much does planning permission cost (as have no previous experience) and how long does it take? Thank you so much for any help smile

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