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Building floor extension with no side access?

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GiveHerEffervescence Sat 23-Apr-16 18:26:08

Hi, would you share your experiences of building a 2 storey extension, or above building above an existing ground floor, with no side access at all?
I am faced with this, as extremely belligerent neighbour will allow no access, despite bring offered sizeable compensation for the inconvenience.
We are building on the boundary.
Anyway, we do need to build our extension to improve out family home, so would you share any experiences / tips on how you / your builders overcame a similar situation? Thanks

united4ever Sat 23-Apr-16 20:02:38

Guess it must be doable because so many people do it but it may add to the cost of the time and cost of the build.....maybe offer your neighbour a figure closer to what this increased cost will be. If he still says no then guess you have to go with the increased build cost. Neighbour is entitles to not allow you to use his land. How would you maintain the external wall if it needed something further down the line...pointing for example? Probably too far off to worry about it.

CaurnieBred Mon 25-Apr-16 09:38:50

We managed it. Our "neighbour" is a hedgerow into the park so all the brick work had to be done "over the top" from the inside of the extension and then, when they were ready for the roof work, a braced, floating layer was added to the scaffolding along the side. I don't remember it costing us any more or, if it did, it wasn't specified as such in the quote.

CaurnieBred Mon 25-Apr-16 09:41:09

However, if the "floating" structure is going to be over the neighbour's land, you will need permission for that. We had friends who had to go to court to get it, but they did get it.

GiveHerEffervescence Mon 25-Apr-16 11:28:12

Thanks for advice everyone.
Thanks Caurnie, I think that is how my builder is proposing to overcome the issue. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

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