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Skylight blinds

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Karcheer Sat 23-Apr-16 08:12:33


I'm in the middle of extension.
Eventually I'll have 2 bedrooms that will have skylights (fakro). These rooms will also have regular windows.
I've chosen the fabric for the normal windows and assumed I'd be able to get skylight blinds to match. But I've been hurting online and can't seem to find anywhere who makes them up.
Does anyone know of anyone?
If there isn't anyone, and you've got this scenario can you tell me what you did?

Thank you.

minipie Sat 23-Apr-16 10:32:31

I don't think this is possible - you have to buy off the shelf blinds for skylights, in a limited range of colours/fabrics. I have this scenario and just chose a plain off white skylight blind to go with the off white background of the fabric I'd used on the normal window. When the skylight blind is open it's completely invisible anyway so I didn't think it matters too much.

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