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Carpet to match f&b skimming stone

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imip Fri 22-Apr-16 17:37:21

I've deliberated over carpet for forever, and just need to get the house sorted before dh pulls up all the carpet and we are left with hideous chipboard flooring! We have south and north facing windows (full sun south and nothing North). We've after much deliberation, we painted the whole house f&b skimming stone, I do have regrets as sometimes it's far too beige for me, but a massive compromise as its a fairly open plan house and the colour had to suit everywhere.

We bought a dark grey sofa and I'll probably have dark wood furniture. Just wondering if anyone had a similar situation to us and what carpet you went for. I've got about 100 greige carpet samples and I am so bloody clueless! I feel like repainting the house, but it would probably be at the expense of our marriage grin

Catsgowoof Sat 23-Apr-16 08:04:01

Don't pick carpets to match a wall colour you don't like!

I have skimming stone in a north facing room and it's lovely but a sample looked totally different in a south facing room. I can imagine it would be hard to match as it is constantly changing colour on me. I have dark wooden floors which look nice but probably don't help you. If I were you I'd get a carpet you like and looks OK in the rooms you like skimming stone in, then get my farrow and ball chart back out...

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