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Paint colour to go with old yellow brick

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MoonlightandMusic Fri 22-Apr-16 11:59:42

Any ideas for a strong-ish, warm, exterior paint to go with old yellow brick?
Want to do the garden walls - it's south facing, but not huge about 40' (length) x 20' (width).
Colour of the house-brick is similar to the left-hand side house in the picture. I've tried a lot of creams/yellows and they just don't work.

All suggestions gratefully received!

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Fri 22-Apr-16 12:01:36


Or is that too 90s?

JT05 Fri 22-Apr-16 13:39:15

Have a look at pictures of old Cotswold stone ( yellow stone) houses and see what people have painted doors, fences etc. They might be helpful for ideas.

MoonlightandMusic Fri 22-Apr-16 13:39:51

Definitely not too 90's but too orangey to go with the (somewhat grey-grubby) yellow sad

langlandgirl Fri 22-Apr-16 14:38:14

what about something like F&B string, chord, new white or lime white?

MoonlightandMusic Fri 22-Apr-16 16:08:00

Thanks JT, will do.

Hadn't realised F&B do exterior paint too - must look into that.

langlandgirl Fri 22-Apr-16 21:39:15

hhhhm - oh yes - i may be wrong there, but maybe you could get a masonry paint mixed in a similar colour? No idea about external paints having never painted anything other than wood externally!

MyUsernameDoesntHaveNumbers Fri 22-Apr-16 21:45:50

The blue door-the white fence and the orangey feature bricks in the picture look good with the yellow brick. How about one of those?

MoonlightandMusic Fri 22-Apr-16 23:57:16

I do like the blue, but worried about it being too cold in winter. DH has vetoed pure white for a similar reason and the feature bricks only look good in small doses.

I've just realised - I'm turning into one of those OP's aren't I?

langland - on the plus side it seems that you are correct, F&B do do exterior paint.

StKildasNun Sat 23-Apr-16 00:09:07

Langlandgirl's String and chord F&B do look feasible to me - anything will look much stronger over such a big area. So a murky version of one of the two might work. Or maybe a greyish like the pointing between the bricks.

MyUsernameDoesntHaveNumbers Sat 23-Apr-16 06:58:38

I hate picking colours, especially for large areas! Let us know what you pick (nosey).

ChishandFips33 Sat 23-Apr-16 08:10:17

Green? is there a plant/bush in the garden that you like the shade of?

MoonlightandMusic Sat 23-Apr-16 22:06:15

Well, there's a couple of artichoke/cardoons I like, and a lamia with sort of silvery leaves - hmm.

Anyone know anything about Little Greene's Kitchen Green or Oak Apple?

StKildasNun Sun 24-Apr-16 21:16:09

Maybe that silvery grey colour that aged teak goes (out of doors) would work.

minipie Sun 24-Apr-16 22:05:22

I'd go with a white with a greeny undertone, or a pale greeny grey - like olive tree leaves

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