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Struggling with kitchen cabinet colour

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langlandgirl Fri 22-Apr-16 10:24:28

Hi All
Struggling to decide on a kitchen cabinet colour (3 tall units and an L shape of base units only). Because struggling with cabinet colour am also struggling with flooring and worktops too! I was dead set on a grey green but it looks too cool in the room (internal, only light from patio doors). Which one do you think works best. Off to get tester pots and lining paper to do bigger areas but to be honest i am not in love with any of them.

Going for engineered wood floor (any recommendations of supplier gratefully received) but don't want anything busy or too yellow/orange or grey.

Am looking at Silestone for the worktops and am considering Bianco River, Yukon, Snowy Ibiza, Lagoon and a couple of others, and a beautiful brass tap.

So please help me along the way or if you think it's all wrong feel free to suggest away!

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