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Coir matting to wood flooring transition

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Kirjava Thu 21-Apr-16 16:07:57

Carpet fitters are currently here. We had asked the carpet company for coir matting in our entrance hall, which is original wooden floorboards (which we are keeping).

Carpet company didn't explain that there wasn't a transition bar between coir and wooden floor, and the fitters say the only option is to leave the rough edge. I've told them to do that and I'll look into it.

Any ideas of what we can do to neaten the edge and the transition? We don't want to sink the matting into the floor due to cost/mess/wrecking floorboards but would like a finished edge if possible.

origamiwarrior Thu 21-Apr-16 19:14:56

You need to google ' oak threshold' (assuming your floorboards are oak) and have a look at the various ones available to find a profile to suit your needs - the middle one on this webpage would work going from floorboards to coir; the threshold would be screwed into the floorboards with the coir matting 'tucked' under the overhang. Ebay do a good selection too.

Kirjava Thu 21-Apr-16 20:13:56

Thanks. Floorboards are pine but will have a look on ebay.

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