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Sooooo confused please help (urgent management transfer) indecisive to move

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Luv2chat2U Thu 21-Apr-16 14:16:02

Hi all please help me to decide my future home.

I've been placed as urgent management transfer status by my local authority and have seen a property not too far from where I live.

I'm currently in a beautiful flat and beautiful location, but unfortunatley the property is not suitable for me to live in.

The area though not too far from where I am is quite a difference i.e (not very desirable location), not the worse but when you have kids these are things which need to be considered.

The property is a lovely maisonette own entrance, own drive and garden.

However someone lives above, and that frightens me big time! I don't want to sound fussy but my current property has it's own soundproofing issues, and i'd rather live above or have a house.

The property is a lot smaller than my victorian property which means that i will have to get rid of my fairly new wardrobes which i love and possibly my kids wardrobes which are also fairly new.

It will also need a new kitchen which i will have to pay out for so it's going to be a pricey move.

There is some storage space under the stairs, top floor and one of the bedrooms has an open wardrobe, not massive but decent plus a garden shed.

However, my housing have agreed to allow me to wait until my location of choice becomes available but advised that this could be a long wait as a property has to become available in order for them to make me an offer, so i've selected a few areas to increase my chances

Do you think this property is worth the sacrifice or would you hang out in the hope of getting a house or something bigger as my position is a really fortunate case to be allowed the option.

So far there haven't been a lot of properties , and i'm concerned that even if offered a property in my desired location, the standard of property may not be. i.e. high rise. I am allowed to refuse but don't want to be seen as too picky and lose out

oh just to mention my current flat is communal door, communal garden

Really really sorry for the essay.

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