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Laminate worktop fading / Recommendations for new please

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sum11 Thu 21-Apr-16 13:28:11

We fitted new worktops around 18 months ago, it was the standard good quality matt black laminate worktop (Wilsonart Midnight Graphite). We have always been very careful and never cleaned it with harsh chemicals.

But it has lost the blackness and has gone more of a grey colour or you can say it has started fading near to sink which is very near to window as well. I can not see anywhere else at this stage.

We have already cleaned it with vinegar thinking of limescale from the water but it has not restored the blackness. Other thing I can think of sunlight on that part as it close to window? Already spoken to the manufacuter "WilsonArt) who are not very helpful to be honest.

I think replacement is the only solution. Which laminate worktop should I go for this time without worrying about for all these things at-least for few years, even some sort of matt or gloss laminate worktop where the scratches are not that visible as they will get scratched with the use and would look good even after few years. I can not afford granite or quartz at this stage. Please help.

My cabinets doors are Cream Gloss finish.

Qwebec Thu 21-Apr-16 15:38:15

I can't advise on a brand, But I would suggest next time to go with a pattern so that any discoloration, stain or scratch will be hidden.

sum11 Thu 21-Apr-16 16:07:34

Thanks for your advice. Yes you are absolutely right, the one I am using at the moment even shows a small scratch or even small dust. Even it is matt laminate but still shows a small discolouration and damage.

Does it matter whether it is gloss or matt, because few posts suggest do not go for gloss?

Are you referring to (pattern / texture) something like below or something else?

Qwebec Thu 21-Apr-16 21:30:58

I would go between matt and gloss (can't remember the proper term). I have the textured one and it is a pain to clean, stains stick to it . However it looks immune to scratches. Yes I was referring to something like your link or a wood effect laminate that looks like this
it is light, dark and has a pattern that would distract if something alters it.

Personally when I'll change my worktops I'll go for the largest tiles I can find with the less grout possible, bomb proof. But I think laminate is the next best thing (can't justify spending thousands on a worktop)

Qwebec Thu 21-Apr-16 21:32:02

disclaimer: the link is wood not laminate it's just to give an idea

sum11 Mon 25-Apr-16 11:08:01

Anybody using the following worktops, review would help to decide please. Cabinet doors are light cream high gloss. As suggested they all are pattern/textured worktops. Thanks,

Duropal Mirabelle Corro

Carnival Granite

Bella noche

MiaowTheCat Mon 25-Apr-16 12:14:04

Can't link to it on their website as it's down for maintenance but we have white high gloss units (they're not pure white - have a grey woodgrain effect through them) and have strass noir laminate tops from Wickes and the effect is absolutely stunning contrasting the pale units with the worktops - where you get nice rainbow sparkles of light when the sun catches them (so you'll get a flash of violet and then one of red etc which just makes me smile every single time). Our builder's now planning on fitting the same stuff in his house as he liked the effect so much! isn't where we got it from but it's the same effect (I think it's the same worktop to be honest)

Our kitchen's not a sun trap - gets the morning sun but the window's quite small - so we haven't got sunlight bleaching colour to be an issue, but I'm a bugger for attacking the tops with flash with bleach and stuff and the colour's held solid. Because it's gloss I find I just have to do a little buff up afterwards with a dry microfibre cloth to keep it shiny but I'm no domestic goddess and I can get the kitchen looking nice and sparkly in no time. I'm also the messiest cook imaginable - if you can splatter tomato sauce anywhere - I can splatter it in a higher/dafter/more inaccessible place.

mumsnit Mon 25-Apr-16 22:21:01

I have Duropal worktops (mine are a wood effect) and very happy as they are nearly 3 yrs old now and good as new! Agree textured effect helps with any staining or scratches.

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