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Damp & Timber report for re-mortgage

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phi1mums2 Thu 21-Apr-16 10:57:43

DAMP REPORT for - have been looking for damp report specialist & rang UK Damp - secretary takes your number & gets surveyor to ring you.
Got phone call from surveyor - asked me q's about property - gave me a price - assured me was regulated & will sort CSRT documentation needed by my mortgage lender.
Asked his name - Paul Taylor - for some reason I didn't like what he was saying - so didn't book survey. Then looked up his name - found 8 possible different companies dissolved in his name & then found this thread on here re UK Damp on BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders - it's definitely same guy - strong Geordie accent - so he's still out there trying to book jobs - so be warned
re posting this link
thread is damp in house survey started April 2013 so updating as it's now an old thread .

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