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Half unit sized gap - what to fill it with?

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SnuffleGruntSnorter Wed 20-Apr-16 23:05:56

After a mini kitchen/utility rearrange I am left with a half unit sized gap in my kitchen where a half sized dishwasher used to be. I can't afford a whole new kitchen at the moment, so am left with an unsightly gap. What would you put in there? I keep thinking of a wine fridge but it seems frivolous and not that useful. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

LowDudgeon Wed 20-Apr-16 23:10:17

I've got a double space in mine where under-counter fridge & freezer used to be. I have 2 of those 4-drawer plastic things on casters on one side - they're very useful for tins.

This kind of thing

LowDudgeon Wed 20-Apr-16 23:11:28

Not at all beautiful but cheap & practical temporarily smile

BikeRunSki Wed 20-Apr-16 23:19:13

Drawers like this?

SnuffleGruntSnorter Wed 20-Apr-16 23:22:08

Both good ideas! Thanks for the replies, I hadn't really considered drawers that weren't official kitchen drawers

PigletJohn Wed 20-Apr-16 23:53:45

half a unit would be 300mm but I think you mean 400mm

Both are standard sizes for kitchen units, a white self-assembly would be cheapest but you can have rigid in your choice of laminate colour or woodgrain if you want.

IMO pull-out wicker or grass baskets look good, but you can also get chrome or plastic pull-out racks and drawers, on ball-bearing runners as smooth as filing cabinet drawers. It might be difficult to match your existing door and drawer fronts, though.

These are good for bottles

SugarMiceInTheRain Thu 21-Apr-16 10:35:58

We have a bottle rack and a gap with a pull out teatowel rail in our half gap. Also have a little shelf below the teatowel rail where we keep the kids' water bottles

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 21-Apr-16 18:33:29

Cover with a curtain ? Have cheap and cheerful storage under - this is a pic from my kitchen - there's a spare cheap freezer under there !

SnuffleGruntSnorter Thu 21-Apr-16 18:49:49

I love your kitchen, houzz!

You're right of course PJ, it's not really half a unit, the dishwasher was 450mm. I've got lots of good ideas here, thanks everyone.

I kind of hoped for some kind of magical kitchen thing to make me endlessly happy though. Like a cupboard to narnia, unicorn dispenser etc.

StKildasNun Thu 21-Apr-16 18:53:38

Wow, that looks a lovely kitchen OnePlan - don't think I could put random pics of my kitchen to the public. Looks like wall matches unit colour? Pulls everything together well.

BeachysSandyFlipFlops Thu 21-Apr-16 18:56:06

Aaaahhh, Charleston Grey..... excellent choice for cupboards same as mine grin

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 21-Apr-16 21:21:10

Ahh ( blushes !!) blush thank you ! thanks
Glad you like it ! It almost matches - Walls are Chemise ( an old, now discontinued F&B colour) and the base cabinets are moles breath (Also F&B)
... But it was blue at one stage and duck egg blue and all white ! I get bored easily !

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 21-Apr-16 21:22:26

It's the dead penguin that makes it !! ( dogs toy !)

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