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Building a house

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Woodenmouse Wed 20-Apr-16 11:27:03

Help I'm completely lost DH and I have always wanted to build our own property or possibly renovate a run down propery. We want an eco friendly home with a little bit of land for growing veg and having some chickens etc. It was just a dream but we are getting to the point where we might be able to buy our own home so the subject of building has come up again but we are at a loss as to where we even start and all the costs that will be involved. Can anyone point us in the right direction!!

Cloudstasteofmash Wed 20-Apr-16 11:28:53

Oooooh watching with intrest!

It's something we plan on doing and we are looking at kit homes, in which you can be as involved as you want and it obviously brings price down. You can get eco friendly ones too.

Google kit homes uk

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