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kitchen planning question

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slowandfrumpy Mon 18-Apr-16 00:01:48

I am trying to plan a kitchen/dining area.
I have a kitchen which is about 4m (w) by 5.m (l) and I am extending outwards by 3m and along the width of the house

The new kitchen/dining room will 5.5m wide with full sliding glass doors onto the garden. One side of the room will be 8m long and the other 4m with a 1.5m indent (it's L shaped). The kitchen/diner doesn't have a far wall as the basement is open plan and the kitchen leads into the study behind

I'm trying to decide where to put the kitchen and I have two choices.

I can run the kitchen down the left hand side of the extension for 4.5m ending at the sliding doors. I'd then need an island. I reckon this kitchen would take up 3m of the 5.5m width of the extension and would mainly be located inside the extension. That would mean I'd only have 2-2.5m left to put a table/sofa near the sliding doors and the table would have to be at right angles to the door. The builder seems to like this option (he thinks it will look neat).

The alternative is to run the kitchen along the opposite wall which is an 8m run up to the glass doors. I could then have a large kitchen table in the extension - either vertically or horizontally - and near the glass doors, and even a small chair or sofa looking out into the garden. There'd hardly be anything in front of the glass windows. I prefer this option.

My question is: which do you think make the most sense? and how much space (widthwise) do I need for kitchen units, island and a working space in-between. And what are the disadvantages of a galley kitchen - bearing in mind I DETEST islands.


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