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Come on then. Godalming. Let's have it.

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mrsqueeze Sun 17-Apr-16 23:05:00

Hi mums. We're looking at moving into Godalming this summer. We've looked at a few places around the town, some suitable, some less so. Just asking for any up to date advice from those that know. I know the region fairly well but don't know much about the town in particular.

Is Farncombe as bad as all that? Are there any areas we should avoid - we know about Ockford Ridge and Aarons Hill - any others? Is Ockford Rd affected by the Aaron's Hill issues? School catchments?

I've noted the local council are bringing in charges for waste disposal this summer, that's a bit of a pain given we'll most likely be renovating. Any other things like that we may want to consider?

Thanks for any input. Wahey!

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