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Has anyone converted an understairs cupboard into a downstairs loo?

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JustBeingJuliet Sun 17-Apr-16 22:47:56

I would love to do this. One of my neighbours has this done but doesn't know how much it cost as it was done before they bought the house. The space is plenty big enough for a toilet and small sink, is high enough to stand up in, and is directly underneath the upstairs bathroom so I'm hoping that makes plumbing easier? It's also on an outside wall so can easily fit an extractor fan or install a window. Happy to do tiling, decorating, flooring etc myself so just looking at the plumbing work.

Just looking at a very rough idea of cost really. I've found plumbers are unwilling to quote unless you are ready to start the work, but how do j know I'm ready unless I know if I can afford it?

namechangedtoday15 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:01:06

Can't really help as ours was also done before we bought the house. Set up sounds very similar to yours though. Just a couple of points which might make a difference - our electricity meter is also in that cupboard - further into the triangular part of the cupboard (i.e. the shallow part of the understairs) and have had a couple of people express surprise at that (to suggest that wouldn't be allowed now - but the cost of moving the electricity box would be huge). If you also have that, consider boxing that part of the cupboard off (with access from the front of the stairs/hall).

We also don't have a radiator in there and only a cold water feed - does the job but it is freezing in winter with it being on an outside wall etc) so consider a small towel radiator or something if you can.

I'd guess £2k maybe for the work plus the cost of the fittings if the soil stack / plumbing etc all lines up.

JustBeingJuliet Mon 18-Apr-16 21:28:49

Thanks for your reply smile yes my fuse box is in there, which I'm not sure will be a problem or not. It's just inside the door, quite high up though. I'm not planning on a radiator either, or hot water as I can't see the need really.

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