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Where can I find the law (?) about guttering?

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BurningBridges Sun 17-Apr-16 15:08:35

our rear neighbour's garage was extended to the boundary many years ago, before we moved in, and before the current owners of the house at the rear moved in. For all those many years, the garage/back fence etc was hidden behind dense trees, but we had them removed 18 months ago so we can see that the guttering hangs over our boundary and more importantly, it leads nowhere. At some point after that, the new neighbours actually capped it off on our side so the guttering simply fills up with water (roof slants down towards us) and then overflows into our garden and garage, flooding it.

I know that there should be a downpipe on their own side, and we've asked them to come and have a look, but that was 2 weeks ago. I think they knew ages ago there was a problem as they were the ones who put the new "cap" piece on it - I think they hoped we wouldn't notice!

We need to find something in writing to explain what their responsibility is. I can find some things from various local authorities' websites, but if I print that out they'll just say oh yes that's not for this area. I am usually a good googler but not in this occasion - any ideas? Or should I post in legal?

MightyMeerkat Sun 17-Apr-16 16:05:22

Hi. It's a legal issue. A property owner may be liable for damage caused by anything that knowingly escapes from his property and causes damage to another's property. Search nuisance and trespass. Also see Rylands v Fletcher.

BurningBridges Sun 17-Apr-16 22:36:28

Thanks MM

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