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sbaker0805 Sun 17-Apr-16 12:29:28

hi all, i am a single mum and feel the electricians are taking advantage of me being on my own. They are NIC and trusted trader, and have been fixing some of the previous electricians cat 1 failures after a complete rewire of the house. I had to get an independent inspector in after the 1st lot of installers as they said they had finished and certificated the work with NIC/Elecsa BUT there were wires hanging out of the ceiling, sockets hanging off the walls etc.

This lots that are in now, that are registered, and i was told the people doing the work were qualified elecs, want to charge me £200 to inspect the work they have done + £400 on top for certificates.

Does that seem right? (hmm)

I have had electrics done in the past but never been charged for inspecting work or certificates.

2nd Question: the first electrician did do some of the wiring okay per the independant inspectors report, but do i need someone to come round and do a complete check so that all the certificates are on one correct certificate?

Sorry this was a long post. If anyone knows an electrician that is NIC registered, please can you check with them?

Thanks all.

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