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best underlay for laminate - first floor.

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GlitteryFluff Sun 17-Apr-16 01:03:15

I've seen three that seem similar but different prices.

I need about 17m2 but the packs seem to be in 15m2 rolls so would have to buy two unless I can get smaller amounts (middle one does a small roll of 8m I can buy to top up the 15m roll)

Any recommendations for the best one to reduce noise to ground floor? I'm not too worried about the noise in the room the floor will be laid but more concerned about noise to downstairs.

Sonic gold 30m2 £45

Timbermate Silent floor gold £65 23m2

Novastrat comfort gold £40 30m2

Or something different? Ideally want to spend as little as possible(!) but want to stop as much noise as possible travelling downstairs.


GlitteryFluff Sun 17-Apr-16 16:33:52


GlitteryFluff Mon 18-Apr-16 19:46:53

Bump again! crosses fingers

LowDudgeon Tue 19-Apr-16 16:31:36

The bedroom above our living room has that green board underlay. We did get it from B&Q iirc so it's probably \link{\this stuff)

It's good for absorbing general noise but if DS2 is playing his guitar & tapping his feet, with shoes on, that can be intrusive.

LowDudgeon Tue 19-Apr-16 16:32:39

Messed up link, sorry

LowDudgeon Tue 19-Apr-16 16:33:56

& those packs are just under 10 sq m so not nearly as much waste. £48 for 2 packs

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