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Extension - what do I need to know?

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theluckiest Sat 16-Apr-16 16:45:36

OK, so after umming and ahhing about moving house for 18 months, we've decided that actually don't really want to move out of area (can't afford the size we'd like TBH) so we're going to stick where we are and make space instead with a single-storey extension & new kitchen. We are in a terrace, next door already have a large extension in place.

Spoken to mortgage company, so finances are go. All good. Have budget plus contingency. Can afford what we'd want. Had a couple of quotes - no surprises there and all good. Happy with builder and he can start August / Sept - all good.

So what do I need to do now? I think I need to:

- Speak to water company as we have a manhole in the side entry and probably water mains under the patio where we're going to be building. Shouldn't be a prob but need to submit plans & OK with them. Won't be building directly over manhole so access not affected, just where pipes run.

- Get an architect to draw up plans. We really just want a large box!! Nothing fancy-schmancy. What might this cost?

- Contact local authority. Not sure if we'd need planning permission TBH. Roughly would be 5m x 4m. I know regs have changed in last few years. If we do need planning, how does this work?

- Inform neighbours. Have spoken to nice ones with extension. They are happy. Doesn't really affect other neighbour but will inform out of courtesy & let her know when build will start.

What else? Any other tips? What do you wish you'd known or done prior to building your extension?

newhairdontcare Sat 16-Apr-16 20:59:02

The architects you use should be able to advise you on planning permissions etc.

Ask locally for reliable recommended tradesmen. Don't just pick anyone out of a paper.

Think about how you will use your space, make sure it works long term. Don't be afraid to ask the architect to amend the plans of you are not happy.

Be prepared for mess! We are mid extension and despite most of it still being outside the house is dusty. Fortunately we are moving out when walls start coming down.

Good luck, it's worth it.

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