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Laminate worktop and upstand a

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Mrswinkler Fri 15-Apr-16 21:08:03

We've just had a top quality double sided laminate worktop fitted, 25mm thick with the 18mm thick upstand at the back instead of tiles.

Our kitchen fitted has sealed where the upstand meets the worktop, and where the upstand a are mitred in the corners with silicone sealant. I think this looks crap and had been done to hide poor cutting of the upstand at the base (it was cut down from the original 125mm high height).

Has anyone else this type of upstand? How were they fitted? I expected it to be a neat join in the same way the worktops join in the corners.

lelf79 Sat 16-Apr-16 14:40:20

Do you have a pic?

We are about to have ours done in a few weeks, i have ordered duropal which i was told was one of the best laminates but i am v concerned about joins and the upstand showing as they will be pure white confused

BovrilonToast Sat 16-Apr-16 18:03:41

My fitter did it with clear sealant. It looks fab. Can you post a pic on mobile?

Marmitelover55 Sat 16-Apr-16 18:31:59

Our granite work tops and upstanding are sealed with clear sealant too.

CommanderShepherd Sat 16-Apr-16 18:49:13

I work for a joinery/kitchen company, as above, joiners will use silicone where the upstand meets the worktop, if you post a pic I could tell you if it's been cut wrong. FYI, our cheap/bathroom worktops at my work are 28mm thick, our standard are 38mm

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